Noble Pixels

About Noble pixels

We are a Toronto-based web development studio helping our clients to create positive, sustainable change through digital transformation and digital marketing.

Our Mission and Vision

Training and connecting excellent talent with businesses in demand for creative and technical work. We aim to remove the gap between resourcing various skill sets and hiring them to achieve exemplary results in every project we are part of. We bring in our skills and contribute to amplify the power of cause-driven projects. Our Vision is to help to make a positive impact and be part of shaping the future of the World Wide Web. We research, develop, and bring Information Technology to the hands of businesses in demand of advancing, scaling, and transforming with automation.

Our Dedication

We continue to participate in projects with social positive impacts and we wish to extend our resources to create partnerships where we help the influencers achieve valuable results. With our focus on the web for the past decade, we have partnered with some of the most ambitious organizations like MusicFest Canada, Teach for Canada, Sunshine Centres for Seniors, and Cyber-Seniors as well as with some of the award-winning and inspiring people like Paula Purdon, Mark Wicken, and Kathy Kastner.