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Digital Transformation For Business Owners
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Our 7-step process is designed to give you the skills, hands-on technical support, and a strategic plan for your digital presence to drive your business forward.
Boost Sales

Boost Sales

Utilize technology and digital marketing to enhance your online presence and gain market share.

Expert Strategy

Expert Strategy

Digital experts forge a strategic plan tailored to your goals and coach you to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Hands-On Support

Hands-On Support

A technical team perfectly suited to your project provides implementation support, ensuring your success.

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Consultation and Strategy

Begin your journey by consulting with our seasoned team of digital experts. Share your unique challenges and goals with us, as we lay the groundwork for a tailored roadmap that sets the course for your successful digital transformation.

Website and Marketing Audit

Gain clarity and actionable insights as we conduct thorough website and marketing audits. Your online presence is analyzed to identify your strengths and pinpointing areas for improvement.

Digital Strategy and Planning

Building upon insights gathered from our initial consultation and audits, we outline clear objectives and actionable steps to finalize your strategy. From here, we move forward with putting your plan into action.

Implementation Support

A technical team dedicated to your project steps in to provide hands-on implementation support and guidance throughout the process, ensuring your plan is effectively put into action.

Performance Reporting

A comprehensive performance reporting system is set up for you to track your progress effectively, providing insights into your implemented strategies.

Training and Coaching

We provide personalized training and coaching sessions to help you understand and interpret your performance reports effectively, empowering you with the skills needed to make informed, data-driven decisions that drive meaningful impact.

Post Check-in

Our support doesn't end there. Should you need further assistance or guidance, rest assured, we're here for you even after the program ends. We'll check in to offer additional support and implementation coaching, ensuring your continued success.

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This Service is for

Business Owners

Business Owners

Managing their websites internally.

Administrative teams

Administrative teams

Needing to update their website but stuck with old systems.

eCommerce owners

eCommerce owners

Looking to step up their digital game.

Anyone who prefers to learn and take part in getting the job done, while having expert support and guidance to navigate and drive them forward.

Anyone who prefers to learn and take part in getting the job done, while having expert support and guidance to navigate and drive them forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific areas do you focus on during the website and marketing audits?

Our audits delve into various aspects of your online presence, including website functionality, user experience, content quality, SEO performance, and the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Are the training and coaching sessions conducted in-person or remotely?

Our training and coaching sessions are primarily designed to be conducted remotely for convenience and accessibility. However, if you prefer face-to-face interaction and are located in the Greater Toronto Area, we welcome you to our Toronto office for in-person meetings.

How do post check-ins work?

Post-check-in sessions can be scheduled based on your needs and availability, although we will reach out to you after 30 days if one hasn't been scheduled.

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