The Limitations of Hosted E-commerce Platforms

Limitations Hosted E Commerce Platforms

Recently I was answering a question about the limitations of hosted e-commerce platforms and though I would share it here as well.

Hosted platforms are generally great for two scenarios:

1. Start a new online business

2. Sell niche products (for example on Etsy)

For these two cases, Hosted platforms offer a (pretty much) ready to use online shop with no need of a web developer, designer, and online marketing specialist. This will save you a lot of money.

For option #2, you might never need to leave hosted e-commerce, since their rate on transactions are not too bad and you don’t have to worry about anything except selling.

For option #1, you can use them to try your business plan, meet your audience, perfect your seller skills and get your logistic going. It’s a risk-free investment since most of the time you pay close to nothing on set-up and then pay a rate on each sale.

What are the limitations of hosted E-commerce platforms?

The limitations you’ll meet are mostly in terms of customization. These platforms have a limited space for growth. You won’t be able to: