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Teach For Canada

Thriving in Digital Transformations

For over two years, we partnered with the Loop Design Team to build Teach for Canada's First proprietary Business Application and transform their recruitment processes into a full digital system. Throughout the project, we proudly navigated numerous resource and timeline challenges to support this significant and impactful initiative. Our commitment to Teach for Canada's goal of enhancing education in the Northern Territories demonstrates our dedication to creating positive change.

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Making Education More Equal

Teach for Canada empowers the education in remote communities in Canada via facilitating the recruitment process and encouraging the teachers to participate in this life-changing opportunity, helping spread equal education across the nation.

Making Education More Equal

A Robust System for a Critical Operation

To establish a solid foundation for Teach for Canada's digital platforms, we considered the integration of Salesforce to enable smooth data collection and reporting. This approach aids Team Canada's extensive team in managing their time-sensitive operations with greater efficiency. We crafted both the backend system and the frontend application to operate concurrently, with the CRM system serving as a bridge for data from various stakeholders—including communities, teachers, and the management team—thereby streamlining the processes.

Scoping of Requirements

Starting with minimal details, we uncovered a wealth of additional requirements during the initial phases of the project. This necessitated an extended timeline and more work to complete the project, ultimately enriching our experience with managing large-scale projects.

Working with Multiple Stakeholders

During the project, we collaborated with various individuals within the organization, striving to meet the demands of each management team while also accommodating the needs of external stakeholders. This required a comprehensive orchestration to manage deadlines effectively.

Developing a scalable & reliable infrastructure

Project required a thorough analysis and scoping of information architecture, data processing, and workflow requirements. By integrating user scenarios involving various stakeholders, we aimed to enhance the user experience and develop a functional system that addresses the needs of all users effectively.













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A Stellar Nonprofit Leveraging Digital Technology

Teach for Canada exemplifies a mission-driven organization dedicated to enriching our communities and the world. Collaborating with their exceptional team, we concentrated on creating a scalable and dependable online platform to refine the recruitment process, effortlessly linking different stakeholders. This bespoke management system is designed to boost efficiency and improve communication, facilitating a seamless experience for everyone engaged in the organization's mission to making education more accessible.

Public Website

A user-friendly and accessible website providing comprehensive information about the organization, alongside essential guidance for embarking on a teaching journey throughout Canadian communities.

User-Based Portal

A user-management system enables the client to facilitate a data-driven process among participating communities, teachers seeking positions, and the organization's team overseeing the recruitment process.

Reliable Backend

A robust backend and database are essential for managing data operations, seamlessly connecting with frontend vendors, and integrating with CRM systems.

CRM Integration

Integrating Salesforce CRM as an additional reporting layer to meet diverse operational needs within the organization.

Simple CMS

We implemented WordPress as a simple and modular Content Management System, customizing it to empower our in-house creative team to manage their website efficiently.


Integrated reporting panels and checklists, coupled with email notifications, ensure accuracy and timeliness in processes.

Knowledge Transfer and Training

Upon completing the project, we successfully onboarded Teach for Canada's in-house development team, empowering them to manage the digital properties going forward.


Their approach is precise and their passion in creating the best is clear. We recommend Noble Pixels to anyone looking for a development firm who’s dedicated, trustworthy, and wants to work with a smart, and engaging team.

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