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Connecting Generations Inc.

Cyber-Seniors works to partner young people with seniors in an attempt to bridge the digital divide and connect generations through technology. Younger generations are sitting on a breadth of knowledge that can be easily transferred to older generations through the right platform. We partnered with Cyber-Seniors to create a web-based application that allows mentors and mentees to conveniently connect online while having access to resources, time tracking, and other communities within the application. Noble Pixels is proud to have been able to assist Cyber-Seniors in truly connecting generations!


Teach for Canada

Join the movement to make education more equal.

We have been fortunate to be working with one of the most exciting, mission driven organizations in Canada. The amazing team behind Teach for Canada drives the tough challenge of recruiting prospective teachers and matching them with communities in the Northern Territories in Canada. We’ve helped Teach for Canada developing their entire business application processes and online platform for Selecting and Recruiting teachers and serving Teach for Canada’s amazing mission for Education.

MusicFest Canada

The Nationals

MusicFest Canada is the biggest educational music festival in North America. They called us to redesign their Public Website and develop a tailored Business Application to manage the whole festival.

Our goal was to create a solution from the ground up to integrate all of the previous functionalities and supercharge them with new features, user roles, auto-save, cross-device compatibility, cloud hosting, and lightspeed loading time. Like classical music, the complete solution had to be perfect, and marry content to elegance.


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