Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

White hat SEO is much more than just on page optimizations. It’s a full job that includes understanding a specific market, like an ecosystem where your business evolves. We’ve helped organizations to create new content, explore more opportunities, optimize their presence across a larger spectrum and ultimately build their brand to establish is as leader of their industry.


SEO is more than a service

SEO is a skill your web development partner must have.

You don’t need to ask us if the code is clean, the website fast, if we’ve sent the sitemap for indexing, if we took care of Bing too, if we created a business page for you, if we have a link building strategy, etc. We take care of it, as if your project was ours.

Because it starts with asking the important questions, at the earliest time:


  • What are your short-term and long-term goals?
  •  Were do you see your business in 2 years?
  • Do you work locally, internationally?
  • How does your current results compare with expectations and hopes in terms of traffic?
  • Have you ever worked with SEO experts before? What did they failed to achieve?